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If you want to be healthy, it's really up to you. You can feel better, perform better, and live longer.  ProPartnersMD will show you how.

ProPartnersMD is a unique medical practice with a proven approach to help men get healthy and stay that way.  Our physicians, dietitians, and fitness trainers will partner with you to develop a personalized, comprehensive program to identify your current health risks and to help you successfully reach your health goals.


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Your road to better health begins with a Milestone Health Assessment.  This extremely thorough diagnostic evaluation establishes your baseline health and forms the basis for our team to give you personalized recommendations and to track your progress.

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Milestone Health Assessments


Things Change When You Hit Forty... and Fifty

Those milestones in life are times to take stock of where you are and decide what direction you’re going to go. You can’t assume you’re healthy, you’ve got to know it. Milestone Health Assessments are world-class comprehensive check-ups that remove all doubt.

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Fitness Services


Being Healthy Is Up to You

Taking charge of your health means getting fit and losing weight. Your doctor may have told you to exercise more, watch what you eat, and lose weight. Easier said than done, right? Pro-Fit60 will teach you how and help you actually do it.

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